Lowry Ruins National Historic Landmark and Lowry Pueblo

Approximately 24 miles from Dove Creek and a bit west of Pleasant View, Colorado, Lowry Ruins National HIstoric Landmark contains 1000-year-old Anasazi ruins in an area called the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. Part of the Landmark, Lowry Pueblo has 40 ancient rooms and a number of circular chambers called kivas. Open only during daylight hours, the site has a picnic area and restrooms.

The map below shows driving directions from the Country Inn Motel in Dove Creek, Colorado. The turn onto County Road CC is in the tiny settlement of Pleasant View, about 15 miles from Dove Creek.

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Having earned its name, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument has more than 6000 ancient Native American sites, but much of it is said to be on difficult, unpaved roads and trails. For those with more rugged vehicles, there is certainly more to explore. Private lands intersect the area, but you can obtain a map marking authorized routes from the Anasazi Heritage Center near Dolores, Colorado.